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Thank You (고맙습니다)

고맙습니다 (Ko-mab-seub-ni-da)

Directed by Lee Jae-dong (이재동)

Screenplay by

Drama Melodrama Romance

MBC | Airing dates :

16 episodes
Min Gi-seo (29) / Jang Hyuk
Are you a gangster that kills or a doctor that saves lives?
My father always said, "Don't focus on the disease, focus on the patient."
Though dedicated as Hippocrates himself, my father was destroyed by his patient's betrayal.
So I never focus on the patient. Just on the disease...
Then Ji-min, my beautiful angel with a heart of gold, whom I didn't really deserve, died in my arms. People called me the biggest jerk of all times.
And I really was...
Until I went to that island...

Lee Yeong-sin (27) / Gong Hyo-jin
The hottest single mom in Poo-reun Island
I'm young, ignorant and poor. Sometimes I want to be babied by my parents and my boyfriend. I often cry and I'm so weak that the wind could knock me down. But mothers are strong and I'm a mother now. I'm the mother of a child with terrifying disease called AIDS.

Lee Bom (Sam-wol, 8) / Seo Shin-ae
Will you marry me in 20 years if I'm still alive, Doctor?
I'm so excited that my dream guy is boarding at my house! Hurray~
I threw out all my posters of Park Ji-sung after I met the ever-so-cool Mr. Gi-seo.
And I'm totally over Yong-joo, who's in third grade.
Anyway, my mom's so pretty but I don't look like her at all.
Maybe I was adopted.
I really want to know who my dad is but I'm trying not to ask because it might hurt mom's feelings.

Choi Seok-hyeon (29) / Shin Sung-rok
Thank you for reminding me how beautiful Yeong-sin is, Mr. Min.
Yeong-sin clearly said, "Bom is not Seok-hyeon's child."
But Bom probably is my kid.
I know how pure and innocent Yeong-sin is.
But I just said, "The heck with it."
That was until Min Gi-seo, the heir of the company that I work for, gazed at Yeong-sin with such love in his eyes.
I realized how beautiful she is when I looked at her again through Gi-seo's eyes.
I can't lose her to Gi-seo. Yeong-sin and I have a child together, Bom!

Mr. Lee (Lee Byeong-gook, 70) / Shin Goo
I'm not a grandpa. I'm Mr. Lee!
Yeong-sin's grandfather and Bom's great grandfather.
In his youth, he was a bandmaster in a cabaret in Daejeon.
Diagnosed with Alzheimer's after his son and daughter-in-law went missing in a storm,
his memories often take him back to his band days.
He calls Yeong-sin, "Pretty gal" and calls Bom, "Pumpkin."
If anyone calls him Grandpa instead of Mr. Lee, he gets extremely upset.
So everyone in the village calls him Mr. Lee.

Episodes Guide

< Episode 1 >

"Why should I have to make promises I don't know I can keep?" Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk), the arrogant 4 year resident surgeon, successfully completes a surgery that everyone had thought would be impossible. Wearing a dress, Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin) gets off of her luxury limousine and starts running back the way she came from. After Yeong-sin arrives at home, she tells Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) that she will never leave him. At that moment, old Mr. Lee (Shin Goo) appears and starts to scold her and the surprised Yeong-sin turns to look back. During a high-school graduation qualification exam, Yeong-sin mindlessly dozes off and bangs her head on the desk as the bell signaling the end of the exam suddenly rings.

After Gi-seo takes a look at the CT scans of Ji-min (Choi Gang-hee), who has pancreatic cancer, he screams how these could be hers and drives off to a public health center in Gangwondo. Bom(Seo Shin-ae), who was trying to avoid Young-shin, almost gets hit by a car. The driver of the car, none other than Seok-hyeon, gets out and asks Bom if she is alright. When Seok-hyeon sees Yeong-sin, he becomes flustered, while Yeong-sin greets him rather awkwardly.
Gi-seo persuades Ji-min and starts to perform surgery himself but the poor surgical environment makes him loose focus. Ji-min's father (Jang Yong) orders Gi-seo, who is adamant about performing the surgery, to get out. At the airport, Ji-min leaves Gi-seo behind, hails a taxi and leaves, while Gi-seo, who was trying to catch up with her, watches Ji-min buying a teddy bear. Ji-min tells Gi-seo that she has someone to apologize to before she dies and the two head to Pureun Island.

< Episode 2 >

Gi-seo, vacantly stares at a funeral portrait of Ji-min (Choi Gang-hee). Alongside her cute teddy bear, Bom holds hands and happily walks together with Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin). When Bom asks Yeong-sin why she can't ask for help from her friends when she falls and bleeds, Yeong-sin replies that it is related to a family secret and Bom responds innocently that she is an angel. After Gi-seo sullenly announces the surgical results of Ji-min, he makes his rounds of the sick ward. During his rounds he becomes extremely angry over a completely uncaring husband of a patient and beats him to a pulp.
After being released from the police station, Gi-seo sees his mother Hye-jeong (Hong Yeo-jin) and is startled. Hye-jeong is happy that Gi-seo had been fired from his position at the hospital. After getting in his father Jun-ho's(Gil Yong-woo) taxi, Gi-seo takes Jun-ho's advice and calls Hye-jeong to take part in her business and resolves never to become a doctor again. After hearing from Bom's friend, Young-woo(Yoo Min-ho), that Bom mentioned that she envies kids who have fathers, Yeong-sin becomes startled and Bom pretends to sleep. After Hye-jeong tells Seok-hyeon of her Pureun Island business plan and asks him if he's up for it, Seok-hyeon immediately says yes. Hye-jeong's condition is that he takes Gi-seo with him. After arriving at Pureun Island, Gi-seo sees old Mr. Lee with a teddy bear on his back and ends up following him.

< Episode 3 >

Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin) who was preparing dinner with Bom (Seo Shin-ae) is worried if Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) is alright. So-ran (Cho Mi-ryeong) is surprised to find Gi-seo's bed at the public health center empty. After hearing someone calling her, Bom goes outside to see who it is and sees Gi-seo. Gi-seo asks if she saw his cell phone and tells Bom to sell her beloved teddy bear to him. Yeong-sin and Bom are confused by this comment. Gi-seo goes to old Mr. Lee and asks what he fed him. However, Mr. Lee relentlessly stares at Gi-seo while continuing with his meal. Yeong-sin becomes sorry for Gi-seo who gets hit on the head with a spoon by Mr. Lee and Gi-seo ends up falling asleep in Yeong-sin's house.

As the night deepens, Gi-seo becomes restless and attempts to fall asleep by drinking some fruit wine Yeong-sin had given him. However this only makes him more wide awake. When Yeong-sin goes out to find Bom, she runs into Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) who is carrying Bom on his back. Seok-hyeon asks Yeong-sin about Bom's father. Gi-seo falls asleep as Yeong-sin sings a lullaby to Bom. The next morning, the village folk are gathered in front of Yeong-sin's house waiting for Gi-seo to wake up. When Gi-seo wakes up, he shouts that he is no longer a doctor and will not see any patients whatsoever. While Mr. Lee is taking a stroll with Doo-seob's mother (Jeon Won-ju) he runs into Gi-seo and greets him with a big smile.

< Episode 4 >

After seeing Bom (Seo Shin-ae) wipe her bloody nose and throwing the tissue into a plastic trash bag so calmly, Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) becomes completely shocked. Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) and Yong-ju (Yang Hyun-woo) asks Bom if her mother is always so strict and scary. When Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin) and Bom come back home, they are surprised over the mess that old Mr. Lee has made on Yeong-sin's dressing table. When Bom scolds Mr. Lee like an adult for what he has done, Yeong-sin reprimands Bom and kindly asks Mr. Lee to put some make up on her. Mr. Lee gratefully applies make up on Yeong-sin, and Yeong-sin slowly sheds tears. When Seok-hyeon asks Yeong-sin if he is the father of Bom, Yeong-sin firmly replies that he is not.

After getting some sleep at a motel, Gi-seo heads towards Yeong-sin's house and smiles as he overhears a conversation between Yeong-sin and Bom. Mr. Lee who had woken up early, sees Gi-seo sleeping on the porch and carries him inside, laying him down next to Yeong-sin. Yeong-sin, while she sleeps hears some coughing and mindlessly wraps her arms around Gi-seo thinking that he is Bom
coughing from the cold weather. After awakening, Yeong-sin wakes Gi-seo. Gi-seo shamelessly shouts at Yeong-sin for not turning on the heat when he was invited to stay at her house. To the surprised Bom, Gi-seo asks her if she will play nicely with the teddy bear if he gives it back to her. Seok-hyeon finds Mr. Lee who is sadly playing the accordion.

< Episode 5 >

After being surprised by Gi-seo's (Jang Hyuk) glare, Yeong-sin's hands slip on the bathroom doorknob. Gi-seo demands if she wanted to see his naked upper body and attempts to take off his shirt in front of her. Yeong-sin who is completely embarrassed returns to her room in a hurry and buries herself under her the bed sheets. Bom who had been staring at this incident is confused. Early morning, Yeong-sin and Bom call for Gi-seo to come and have breakfast, but he is not in his room and Yeong-sin begins to mumble about Gi-seo. At that moment Bom notices Gi-seo standing behind Yeong-sin and tugs on her. Yeong-sin almost drops her breakfast tray as she hears Gi-seo's voice. Gi-seo tells Yeong-sin that he does not want such a grand breakfast in the future and that two pieces of toast and a cup of coffee will suffice. Yeong-sin is dumbfounded by his remarks, while Bom happily grins over the fact that Gi-seo is going to stay at their house.
Gi-seo is gazing up at the sky and closes his eyes to the blinding sunlight and recalls what Ji-min (Choi Gang-hee) had told him in the past. Yeong-sin tells Gi-suh that the money he had given her is too much. When Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) arrives in front of the warehouse, he wakes Gi-seo, and gives him a baseball bat asking him to help him if he does not come back in ten minutes. When Gi-seo sees Seok-hyeon fighting in the warehouse he is surprised but quickly joins the fight. Eun-hee (Kim Sung-eun) tells Yeong-sin to leave early telling her that she has to catch some octopus. Yeong-sin who is concerned about her goes back. Gi-seo is surprised that the side of his shirt is completely soaked with blood.

< Episode 6 >

Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) explains to the board of directors and investors about the resort that is going to be built in Pureun Island and Hye-jeong (Hong Yeo-jin) approves with a smile. So-ran(Cho Mi-ryeong) cleans Gi-seo's (Jang Hyuk) wounds and tells him that Jong-soo(Ryu Seung-soo) is still suffering from his mistake. Gi-seo is dumbfounded by her comments. Gi-seo stares at Youngshin
(Gong Hyo-jin) and Bom(Seo Shin-ae) trying to feed Dungdalee (the dog) with disapproval and relentlessly kicks the dog house. Yeong-sin looks on at Mr. Lee who is trying on some clothes sent by Seok-hyeon's mother (Kang Bu-ja) and takes a call from her. Yeong-sin waits for Gi-seo to come out of the shower and mindlessly leans onto the bathroom door but almost trips when Gi-seo barges out.

Wearing a flower patterned dress and some lip stick, Yeong-sin sees Gi-seo who is looking at her. Gi-seo follows Yeong-sin a few steps behind rather awkwardly and Yeong-sin asks him why he keeps on following her. Gi-seo stoutly replies that she must have some sort of princess complex. After Yeong-sin meets Seong-gu, who was introduced to her by Seok-hyeon's mother, the two of them take a walk. Gi-suh who was driving by notices that Seong-gu was the person he saw at the pier with Miss Jeong and recklessly stops the car in front of the two. An enraged Gi-seo meets Seok-hyeon, and Seok-hyeon tells Gi-seo of an old man who will not sell his land but is addicted to gambling.

< Episode 7 >
After his sudden kiss with Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin), Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) shouts at Seong-gu that she was his first. Scared of the look in Gi-seo's eyes, Seong-gu (Hwang Tae-gwang) walks away. Hearing that Gi-seo is interested in her, Young-shin almost faints, and Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) slowly turns away. After Seok-hyeon leaves, Gi-seo, takes his hands off of Yeong-sin's face and boldly declares that he will stay in Yeong-sin's house until she pays him back ten times of what she owes. When Seok-hyeon returns home to his sick mother (Kang Bu-ja), he firmly tells her to stop bothering Yeong-sin and Bom.
The next morning, Gi-seo hears about the latest happenings from Bom (Seo Shin-ae) and is dumbfounded to see Yeong-sin wearing a mask. Gi-seo goes to Go Pil-du's house and finds Seok-hyeon taking Mrs. Go, who had collapsed on the floor, to his car. Gi-seo stands outside of the public health center, not able to go in. Jong-soo (Ryu Seung-soo ) performs CPR on Mrs. Go but she seems to get worse. Gi-suh comes back and quickly performs first aid treatment on Mrs. Go. Seok-hyeon sees her breathing regularly and he is relieved. After Yeong-sin overhears a conversation among the village women, she walks up a hill suppressing her tears and meets Jong-soo. The two drink to lesson their pain.

< Episode 8 >
Gi-seo who was massaging Mrs. Go's heart suddenly stops and his face turns ashen. He then slowly takes off his shirt and gently covers Mrs. Go's face. Young-shin (Gong Hyo-jin) finally understands what has happened and Mr. Park (Kim Ha-gyun) grabs Gi-seo and bawls at him and asks if he killed her on purpose. When Mr. Park calls him a murderer, Gi-seo recalls what had happened to his father (Gil Young-woo) and despairs. A police officer asks Jong-soo (Ryu Seung-soo) whether Gi-seo murdered the woman but he replies that Gi-seo is a doctor and was only trying to save her life. However, Gi-seo sullenly tells the police that he killed her. Gi-seo who is in a police car sees Yeong-sin, and Yeong-sin's eyes are full of tears as she watches Gi-seo.
After Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) finds out that Gi-seo is Hye-jeong's (Hong Yeo-jin) son, he is shocked and stops the car. Yeong-sin is at the police station and tells the detective that she saw everything and that Gi-seo was only tyring to save the lady. Seok-hyeon watches Yeong-sin defending Gi-seo from a corner. Jong-soo tells Yeong-sin and Seok-hyeon that he had just been to the hospital where Mrs. Go was being treated and that Gi-seo had done nothing wrong. After Yeong-sin comes back home, she remembers Jong-soo mentioning that if Go Pil-du testifies in favor of Gi-seo, he would be freed. She quickly goes to Pil-du's home and finds Seok-hyeon on his knees begging Pil-du for his testimony in the rain. After Gi-seo is freed from the police, he tells Joon-ho that he will not go back to the island.

< Episode 9 >
Bom is confused when Bo-ram's mother takes Bo-ram and Ji-sun away and Young-shin (Gong Hyo-jin) who sees this is extremely hurt. Doo-seob's mother (Jeon Won-ju) tries to go see Mr. Lee (Shin Gu) but Doo-seob stops her, asking her if she wants to die from AIDS. Yeong-sin who is making noodles with Bom and Mr. Lee almost cries but suppresses her tears and tries to smile as she rubs some flour on Bom's face. Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) recalls what he had said earlier when Bom had a nosebleed and goes numb while Eun-hee (Kim Sung-eun) looks at Seok-hyeon with a worried look.
Yeong-sin tells Bom who is alone in an empty classroom that she doesn't have class today and that they should go home. When she learns that Bo-ram's mother kept Bo-ram from school, afraid that her child would get AIDS from Bom, Yeong-sin is outraged. Yeong-sin asks Seok-hyeon to look for a house in Seoul, and Bom is happy when she hears that she is going to go to Seoul. On the way to Seoul, Yeong-sin is on the brink of tears when Mr. Lee bursts into crying. Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) who was driving from the other side of the road sees Yeong-sin, and when Mr. Lee collapses, Gi-seo performs CPR on him.

< Episode 10 >
After reading Bom's (Seo Shin-ae) letter, Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin) runs out in her bare feet where she runs into Gi-seo. Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) raises Yeong-sin up and hugs her after she collapses. Bom boards a ferry amidst a crowd. Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) does not see her and boards the same ferry boat on his car. Gi-suh shouts out for Bom from the docks as the ferry boat is leaving, He calls Jong-soo (Ryu Seung-soo) and asks about Yeong-sin's condition. After Yeong-sin recovers, she takes out a picture of her and Bom and goes out to find Bom. Gi-seo, who was driving along a street, finds Yeong-sin and tells her that he will drive her wherever she needs to go. Seok-hyeon finds Bom and almost cries when he hears that she has left home without telling Yeong-sin. He also tells her that he has the same illness that she has. Mr. Lee picks up Yeong-sin's cell phone and Seok-hyeon who thinks the person who has answered is Yeong-sin, says that he is with Bom. Gi-seo and Yeong-sin have a meal together and afterwards Yeong-sin buys some new clothes and Gi-suh brushes her hair for her. Bom spends the day at an amusement park with Seok-hyeon while Gi-seo hugs Yeong-sin who is shivering from the cold.

< Episode 11 >
Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) places the sleeping Bom (Seo Shin-ae) in the backseat of his car and heads for Pureun Island. Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) leans against a wall in a room and stares endlessly at Bom's teddy bear throughout the night. Gi-seo takes Bom and lays her down next to Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin) who still looks sick. He looks at the mother and daughter as they sleep. When Bom wakes up, she is confused and asks Mr. Lee (Shin Gu) why she is there. Yeong-sin who was pretending to be asleep, gets up and stretches. She asks Mr. Lee and Bom if they had a good nights sleep. After seeing Gi-seo sleeping without any blankets, Young-shin quickly places some blankets on the floor and tries to roll Gi-seo on to the blankets. In the process she stumbles and falls on top of Gi-seo.
Gi-seo tells Bom that Bom is a real angel and that he is a guardian angel with a mission to protect her. Bom orders Gi-seo to go buy some hamburgers and strawberry milk and on his way out, Gi-seo checks Yeong-sin's pulse and temperature. As Gi-seo leaves, Yeong-sin watches him from behind. At Seok-hyeon'
s house, Eun-hee (Kim Sung-eun) is surprised to find children's products and clothes for a girl. Bom calls Seok-hyeon and asks him if he can bring her a backpack and teddy bear. Seok-hyeon says he will and hurries off to Pureun Island.

< Episode 12 >
Gi-seo tries to kiss Yeong-sin but suddenly stops and says that they should go. Yeong-sin staggers as she struggles to keep up with him. Gi-seo, who demands to know where the village representative's house is, gets into a hassle with Young-shin who is trying to stop him from shouting and the two fall on the ground with their faces very close to each other. Gi-seo becomes embarrassed and quickly stands up. He holds out his hand to Yeong-sin and asks her if he can kiss her. When Gi-seo runs into Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok), Seok-hyeon tells him that Bom (Seo Shin-ae) is his daughter. He also asks Gi-seo to take good care of her and this makes Gi-seo angry. The next morning, Bom is happy to see that Seok-hyeon has left her teddy bear and some hamburgers. All of a sudden, the village people come storming into the house and Yeong-sin, who is surprised, gives Gi-seo a look to take Bom outside. Young-shin pleads to the village people that Bom is just simply different and asks that they allow them to live in the village in peace. However, the village people start to break everything in Yeong-sin's house. Gi-seo receives a phone call from Yeong-sin, who asks him to spend more time with Bom. After Eun-hee realizes that Bom is Seok-hyeon's daughter, she takes Seok-hyeon, who is drunk, to Pureun Island and tells him that she will let him go.

After Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin) realizes that Bom (Seo Shin-ae) has gone to school, she quickly runs after her and Gi-seo follows. Bom rushes into Gi-seo's arms and she quivers while trying to say something to Yeong-sin but bursts into tears. Gi-seo goes to the public health center and tells Seok-hyeon's mother (Kang Bu-ja) that he will clean her wounds himself and starts to stitch up her wound. Yeong-sin approaches Seok-hyeon's mother to thank her but Seok-hyeon's mother spits out some rather harsh words towards her. Gi-seo does not know what to say and grabs Yeong-sin by her hand and takes her out and tells her that he will no longer be concerned with her affairs.
Bom receives a phone call from Bo-ram to go see some kittens and leaves home without anyone knowing. The rain begins to pour while Yeong-sin walks along a street. Seok-hyeon who sees this from afar is about to get out of his car but stops himself. After Yeong-sin comes back home, she finds only Mr. Lee sleeping and goes out to find Bom. She hears from Ji-sun that both Bom and Bo-ram are trapped and runs to save them. After Gi-seo receives a call from Jong-soo (Ryu Seung-soo) that Yeong-sin has been hurt, he quickly goes to the public health center and is shocked to find Yeong-sin bleeding.

After Yeong-sin (Gong Hyo-jin) regains consciousness, she is carefully moved into an ambulance. Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok) moves to go with her but before he can, Gi-seo jumps into the ambulance and closes the door. After a while, Young-shin, who had been sleeping, wakes up because of Gi-seo's warm touch. In the ambulance, Gi-seo tells Yeong-sin to breathe as she has trouble breathing due to the loss of blood. Seok-hyeon almost cries as he watches Bom (Seo Shin-ae) fall asleep. He takes both Bom and Mr. Lee back to his house. When he arrives home, Seok-hyeon asks his mother whether she knew Bom was his daughter. When Seok-hyeon tells Gi-seo that he wants to make things right, Gi-seo tells him that it is too late. After Bom awakens, she is confused to find herself wearing different clothes. Gi-seo tells Yeong-sin about his feelings for her and when Yeong-sin tells him to stop, he suddenly kisses her. Seok-hyeon's mother takes a bath with Bom and tells her that she will do everything she can to make Bom get well. After Young-shin is discharged from the hospital, Gi-seo takes her back home. Getting out of the car, Yeong-sin hugs Bom who is waiting for her in front of the house.

As Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) gives Mr. Lee (Shin Gu) a shave, he recalls his conversation with Seok-hyeon (Shin Sung-rok). Bom (Seo Shin-ae) ignores Young-shin (Gong Hyo-jin) after Yeong-sin asks her if she wants to go to school. Bom tells Yeong-sin that she is going to go play with Seok-hyeon's mother (Kang Bu-ja). Seok-hyeon sees Bom running and quickly stops the car. He stops Yeong-sin from chasing after Bom and hugs her. Yeong-sin demands an answer from Seok-hyeon, asking him why he treats her so thoughtlessly and tells him that Bom is not his daughter but hers. Seok-hyeon asks Yeong-sin whether she likes Min Gi-seo and Yeong-sin replies that she does.
During their trip to the hospital for a checkup, Gi-seo asks Yeong-sin again whether she thinks that a family should always be of the same blood. Bom waits for Seok-hyeon in his office chair and Seok-hyeon recoils as an employee passing by mentions that Bom and Seok-hyeon look just like father and daughter. On their way back, Gi-seo stops the car and takes Yeong-sin's hand and walks towards the ocean. Yeong-sin is shocked when Gi-seo tells her that Bom's teddy bear was given to Bom by Ji-min (Choi Gang-hee) who was Bom's doctor in the past. Jong-guk (Kim Su-ro) takes a picture of Mr. Lee and Doo-seob's mother who is sleeping on Mr. Lee's lap. Mr. Lee smiles and flashes a V with his fingers as he takes the photo.

On one side of Yeong-sin's room is a funeral portrait of Mr. Lee (Shin Gu). Bom, eating a chocolate pie, walks towards the portrait. Gi-seo (Jang Hyuk) brings Yeong-sin a lot of food and asks her eat with him but she turns her back and ignores him. Bom goes to school but walks out rather depressingly after seeing the other children having fun in class. Gi-seo who is waiting for Bom in the car, does not see her because he has his eyes closed and Bom goes home almost in tears. When Bom refuses to go back to school, Yeong-sin tells her that they will move to Seoul.
After treating emergency patients at the public health center, Gi-seo goes home but finds the house empty. He races back to his car and sees a moving center truck pulling away. Honking his horn, he tries to get the truck's attention. Bom is delighted when she notices Gi-seo but Yeong-sin tells the driver to just keep on going. Gi-suh drives in front of the truck and stops it and furiously asks Yeong-sin whether that was all he meant to her. The village people also tell Yeong-sin that they were sorry and ask her not to go while Yeong-sin quietly cries. Yeong-sin tells Seok-hyeon that she is happy that he sent Bom back to her and Gi-seo smiles at Young-shin as she goes back home.


1. 고맙습니다 Title
2. 고맙습니다
3. 사랑해요
4. 리코더 테마
5. 바람 부는 날
6. 흔적
7. 너를 그린 회상
8. 아픈사랑
9. 아코디언 Theme
10. 슬픈기억
11. 푸른도의 아침
12. 희생
13. 천사
14. 작별
15. 기서 Theme
16. 시간이 흐르면
17. 약속
18. 고맙습니다 Ending Title


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 Produced by
 Jeong Hoon-tak (정훈탁)
Sidus HQ (싸이더스HQ)
 Lim Hwa-min (임화민)
 Production department
 Seo Beom-sik (서범식)
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70 min HD 16/9
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Airing dates : 2007/03/21~2007/05/10

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Seo Sin-ae is so talented child actor, I realy like her. Mr Lee was awesome and jang hyuk was good especially with those Gaze. Altogether "Thank You" is one of the best Drama ever.
2009-01-16 06:19:55
2008-12-12 23:07:44
I hope to see a part 2 of this series. I really,really love it! jang hyuk's so good here..
two thumbs up....!!! hopefully to get a clearer ending.... married? or jus guidance angel to them? hmmmm.......
2008-06-12 08:56:50
2008-05-12 06:27:49
'Thank You' is the absolute best! Impressed with Jang Hyuk's acting all the medical emergencies he performed!. Love his dressing too! Best music ever!
Yes this drama "Thank You" very great great drama. But the named "Robbers" not sooooo good!
2008-03-28 08:34:50
2008-03-16 01:16:38
i want to watch this!
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Thank You (고맙습니다)

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