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Koo Kyo-hwan to Co-star With Lee Je-hoon

Attention was drawn to the meeting between actor Koo Kyo-hwan and Lee Je-hoon.


Hankyung Dotcom reported on the 23rd that Koo Kyo-hwan was recently offered to appear in the movie "Escape" and is discussing positively.

Lee Je-hoon's next work is also "Escape". Earlier, Koo Kyo-hwan received Lee Je-hoon's public love call at the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Lee Je-hoon made finger heart gesture, saying, "I want to work with Koo Kyo-hwan". In addition, Lee Je-hoon mentioned Netflix's "D.P" and the movie "Escape from Mogadishu" starring Koo Kyo-hwan at the Busan International Film Festival.

Meanwhile, "Escape" is a new film directed by Lee Jong-pil, who directed "Samjin Company English Class", "The Sound of a Flower" and "Born to Sing" and will tell the story of North Korean soldiers. It plans to start crank-in in February 2022.

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