[Video] New Trailer Added for the Korean Documentary "1919 Yu Gwan-sun"

New trailer added for the Korean documentary "1919 Yu Gwan-sun"

Inside the Jail Uncut

"1919 Yu Gwan-sun" (2019)

Directed by Shin Sang-min

With Lee Sae-bom, Yang Yoon-hee, Kim Na-ni, Park Ja-hee, Kim Gyoo-ri-I, Kim Moo-neui,...

A film that explores the lives of female independence activists who fought against the Japanese Occupation in the North and South of Korea including heroines like the titular Yu Gwan-sun, Eo Yoon-hee, Kwon Ae-ra, Shim Myung-chul, Noh Soon-kyung, Lim Myung-ae, and Shin Kwan-bin.

Release date in Korea : 2019/03/14