"The King's Face" Lee Sung-jae and Seo In-guk like real father and son

Lee Sung-jae and Seo In-guk who play the role of King Seon Jo and his son Gwang Hae, took a picture like a real family. Park Joo-hyung, Won Duk-hyun and Park Joon-mok are also in the picture.


In the picture, around Lee Sung-jae are his sons Im Hae-goon (Park Joo-hyung), Gwang Hae (Seo In-guk), Sin Seong-goon (Won Duk-hyun) and Jeong Won-goon (Park Joon-mok) with their hands laid in front of them.

Lee Sung-jae has a fatherly smile on his face and Seo In-guk stands happily next to him. Park Joo-hyung looks like he's imitating his character of Im Hae-goon and making a sulky face. Park Joon-mok sticks really close to Won Duk-hyun.

Unlike the drama, the actors all seem to be getting along and are friendly with each other. Seo In-guk and Lee Sung-jae quarrel over many things but in real life they actually seem like real father and son.

"The King's Face" is the life story of Gwang Hae, who is born the son of a concubine but eventually sits in the throne and battles for love over a woman with his father, King Seon Jo.