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[Spoiler] "Less Than Evil" Kim Gun-woo Dies

On the latest episode of the MBC drama "Less Than Evil", Jang Hyeong-min (Kim Gun-woo) held Woo Tae-hee (Bae Yoon-kyung) and Eun Seon-jae (Lee Seol) hostage and threatened Woo Tae-seok (Shin Ha-kyun) that he could only save one of them.


Woo Tae-seok thought hard. Woo Tae-hee told him to save Eun Seon-jae. Woo Tae-hee made a move and Woo Tae-seok attacked Jang Hyeong-min. He lost his gun and Woo Tae-hee picked it up. However, when she hesitated, Eun Seon-jae helped her to put a bullet in Jang Hyeong-min's heart. He died and they were cleared for self-defense.

While it seemed like everything would clear once the serial killer was dead, someone called the Dark Punisher appeared. It was Lee Jae-yoon. He kidnapped Jang Seok-goo who had committed rape and abuse. He killed someone else and conducted an online national vote on whether or not to kill him.

The results of the vote supported 'kill' by 80% after Eun Seon-jae's interview. She'd flipped the case. Woo Tae-seok tried to save Jang Seok-goo and collect evidence before punishing him, but Eun Seon-jae stopped him. The victim held a press conference and yelled for Jang Seok-goo to be killed for he had killed her betrothed.

Eun Seon-jae remembered everything now. She said to Woo Tae-seok, "Even killing Jang Seok-goo won't be enough. Do you want to be the good cop now that Jang Hyeong-min is dead? Don't waste your time. You couldn't even keep your promise with a kid, there's no way you're going to be a good detective". Woo Tae-seok was surprised that she remembered.

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