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[Photos] Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Ultimate Weapon Alice"

Press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "Ultimate Weapon Alice" (2022).


Directed by Lee Byeong-heon-I, Seo Sung-won

Written by Lee Byeong-heon-I, Seo Sung-won

Network: Watcha

With Park Se-wan, Song Geon-hee, Kim Sung-oh, Kim Tae-hoon, Jung Seung-gil, Cha Joo-young,...

8 episodes - Fri 23:00
A high-teen action romance depicting a bloody school life, when a mysterious transfer student meets killer Gyeo-wool and trauma-stricken high school student Yeo-reum and is chased by a criminal organization.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2022/06/24

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