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Miss and Mrs. Cops (걸캅스)

걸캅스 (geol-kap-seu)

Directed by Jung Da-won (정다원)

Screenplay by

Action Comedy

107min | Release date in South Korea :

Formerly known as "Girl Cops"
The story of a female police officer who used to work on the police squad, but moves to the Public Service Center after getting married. She teams up with her sister-in-law to solve a case when a revenge porn victim commits suicide.

Miss and Mrs. Cops | Cast

  • Ra Mi-ran (라미란)
    Ra Mi-ran (라미란)
    Park Mi-yeong (박미영)
  • Lee Sung-kyung (이성경)
    Lee Sung-kyung (이성경)
    Jo Ji-hye (조지혜)
  • Yoon Sang-hyun (윤상현)
    Yoon Sang-hyun (윤상현)
    Jo Ji-cheol (조지철)
  • Choi Soo-young (최수영)
    Choi Soo-young (최수영)
    Yang Jang-mi (양장미)
  • Yum Hye-ran (염혜란)
    Yum Hye-ran (염혜란)
    Civil complaint department head (민원실장)
  • Wi Ha-joon (위하준)
    Wi Ha-joon (위하준)
    Woo-joon (우준)
  • Joo Woo-jae (주우재)
    Joo Woo-jae (주우재)
    Philip (필립)
  • Kang Hong-suk (강홍석)
    Kang Hong-suk (강홍석)
    Yong-seok (용석)
  • Kim Do-wan (김도완)
    Kim Do-wan (김도완)
    Chan-yeong (찬영)
  • Han Soo-hyun (한수현)
    Han Soo-hyun (한수현)
    Detective Kwak (곽형사)
  • Jun Suk-ho (전석호)
    Jun Suk-ho (전석호)
    Detective Oh (오형사)
  • Jo Byeong-gyu (조병규)
    Jo Byeong-gyu (조병규)
    Youngest detective (막내형사)
  • Ahn Chang-hwan (안창환)
    Ahn Chang-hwan (안창환)
    Drug crime ex-convict Kang Sang-doo (강상두)
  • Jo Hye-joo (조혜주)
    Jo Hye-joo (조혜주)
    Soo-bin (수빈)
  • Park So-eun (박소은)
    Park So-eun (박소은)
    Seo-jin (서진)
  • Lee Jung-min (이정민)
    Lee Jung-min (이정민)
    Chae Sook-hee (채숙희)
  • Kim Jun-I (김준)
    Kim Jun-I (김준)
    Chan-woong (찬웅)
  • So Hee-jung (소희정)
    So Hee-jung (소희정)
    Seo-jin's mother (서진모)
  • Ha Jung-woo (하정우)
    Ha Jung-woo (하정우)
    Motel employee (모텔직원)
  • Ahn Jae-hong (안재홍)
    Ahn Jae-hong (안재홍)
    Big guy 1 at club (클럽앞 덩치1)
  • Bae Yoo-ram (배유람)
    Bae Yoo-ram (배유람)
    Helium balloon high schooler 1 (핼륨풍선 고등학생1)
  • Im Hyun-sung (임현성)
    Im Hyun-sung (임현성)
    Cyber investigations police (사이버수사대 경찰)
  • Kim Min-kyung-III (김민경)
    Kim Min-kyung-III (김민경)
    Female department detective (여청과 형사)
    Choi Byeong-yoon (최병윤)
    Club employee (클럽직원)
  • Jung Doo-won (정두원)
    Jung Doo-won (정두원)
    Flirty man at club (클럽작업남)
  • Ok Ja-yeon (옥자연)
    Ok Ja-yeon (옥자연)
    Female suicide victim from New Pacific (뉴퍼시픽자살피해여성)
    Kang Min-ho (강민호)
    Host at lecture hall (엔딩강당 사회자)
    Jeon So-yeong (전소영)
    Announcer (아나운서)
    Kim Ji-na (김지나)
    Past female SWAT member 1 (과거여성기동대1)
    Sin Hyeon-sook (신현숙)
    Past female SWAT member 2 (과거여성기동대2)
    Lee Eun-sook (이은숙)
    Past female SWAT member 3 (과거여성기동대3)
    Yoon Hyeon-gil (윤현길)
    Past SWAT leader (과거 기동대장)
    Jang Han-byeol (장한별)
    Past Sang-doo's subordinate 1 (과거상두똘마니1)
    Lee Hwak-gwang (이확광)
    Past Sang-doo's subordinate 2 (과거상두똘마니2)
    Kim Seong-jong (김성종)
    Past Sang-doo's subordinate 3 (과거상두똘마니3)
  • Kim Jin-wook-III (김진욱)
    Kim Jin-wook-III (김진욱)
    Past photographer from lecture hall (과거강당 사진사)
    Lee Moon-bin (이문빈)
    Guardhouse conscripted policeman (위병소의경)
    Im Hyeon-cheol (임현철)
    Conscripted policeman from water fountain (정수기 의경)
    Yeo Si-hyeon (여시현)
    Aptitude test civil petitioner (적성검사민원인)
    Seo Seok-gyoo (서석규)
    Truck driver from accident (사고 트럭운전사)
  • Seol Chang-hee (설창희)
    Seol Chang-hee (설창희)
    Seo-jin's doctor (서진의사)
    Kim Tae-joon (김태준)
    Criminal Affairs Division civil petitioner (형사과 민원인)
    Lee Seong-gyoo (이성규)
    High schooler on kickboard (킥보드 중학생)
  • Song Ji-hyeok (송지혁)
    Song Ji-hyeok (송지혁)
    Happy Balloon university student (해피벌룬 대학생1)
    Im Ye-eun (임예은)
    Happy Balloon university student 2 (해피벌룬 대학생2)
    Kim Sin-woo (김신우)
    Happy Balloon university student 3 (해피벌룬 대학생3)
    Kim Song-i (김송이)
    Happy Balloon university student 4 (해피벌룬 대학생4)
    Choi Hye-jin (최혜진)
    Woman with perfume from backalley (뒷골목 향수녀)
  • Gambhir Man Shrestha  (검비르)
    Gambhir Man Shrestha (검비르)
    Arab owner of big-sized clothes store (큰옷 아랍주인)
    Jack Edward Lyons (잭 에드워드 라이언스)
    Jedi (제이디)
    Trevor McEwan (트레버 매큐언)
    Foreigner with tattoos (타투외국인)
  • Chris Lyon (크리스 라이언)
    Chris Lyon (크리스 라이언)
    Carmelo (카멜로)
    DeAnthony Fitzgerald Nelson Jr. (디앤서니 피츠제럴드 넬슨 주니어)
    Arabian subordinate 1 (아랍똘마니1)
    Amir Reza Bahramian (아미르 레자 바흐라미안)
    Arabian subordinate 2 (아랍똘마니2)
    Anfuman (앙퓨먼)
    Arabian subordinate 3 (아랍똘마니3)
    Im Beom-yong (임범용)
    Constable 1 from Itaewon police station (이태원파출소 순경1)
    Kim Choon-sim (김춘심)
    Constable 2 from Itaewon police station (이태원파출소 순경2)
    Yeo Eun-ji (여은지)
    Club dancer (클럽댄서)
    Kim Se-jin (김세진)
    Helium balloon high schooler 2 (핼륨풍선 고등학생2)
    Kim Cheol-hwan (김철환)
    Helium balloon high schooler 3 (핼륨풍선 고등학생3)
    Ha Yeon-hee (하연희)
    Helium balloon high schooler 4 (핼륨풍선 고등학생4)
    Lee Jin-seong (이진성)
    Helium balloon high schooler 5 (핼륨풍선 고등학생5)
    Ahn Seong-bong (안성봉)
    Group of big guys 1 (덩치 무리1)
    Kim Seong-gyoon (김성균)
    Group of big guys 2 (덩치 무리2)
    Hwang Pil-seong (황필성)
    Group of big guys 3 (덩치 무리3)
    Ryoo Dae-san (류대산)
    Motorcycle delivery man (오토바이 배달부)
  • Lee Ee-soo (이의수)
    Lee Ee-soo (이의수)
    Traffic chief (교통과장)
    Baek Seung-hwan (백승환)
    Former police chief (과거 경찰청장)
    Kim Han-sang (김한상)
    Past citation host (과거표창 사회자)
    Lee Seon-jeong (이선정)
    Perfume model (향수 모델)
    Kang Sin-ha (강신하)
    Taxi driver from New Pacific (뉴퍼시픽 택시기사)
    Kim Jeong-hyeon (김정현)
    Detective 1 with cigarette light (담뱃불 형사1)
    Na Dae-nam (나대남)
    Detective 2 with cigarette light (담뱃불 형사2)
  • Kim Kwang-sub (김광섭)
    Kim Kwang-sub (김광섭)
    Sunglass man from Sinchon (신촌 선글라스남)
    Kang Hee-joong (강희중)
    Old man from Sinchon (신촌 노인)
    Jo Seo-jin (조서진)
    Black cap from Sinchon (신촌 검은모자)
    Kim Jeong-gyo (김정교)
    Hidden camera man from motel (모텔 몰카남)
    Kim Yong-jin (김용진)
    Sex tape man (야동남)
    Lee Seung-hoon (이승훈)
    Drug dealer 1 from backalley (뒷골목 마약거래남1)
    Seo Seong-hyeon (서성현)
    Drug dealer 2 from backalley (뒷골목 마약거래남2)
    Kwak Min-seok (곽민석)
    Underground tattoo shop customer (지하 타투샵 손님)
    Ahn Dae-woong (안대웅)
    Club bouncer (클럽가드)
    Kang Moon-bong (강문봉)
    Kebab shop owner (케밥주인)
    Kim Byeong-nam (김병남)
    Team leader stand-in (팀장대역)
    Kim Mi-ji (김미지)
    Female from police poster (경찰포스터 여경)
    Oh Seong-hyeon (오성현)
    Stewardess from evidence picture (증거사진 스튜어디스)
    Hwang Pil-gyoo (황필규)
    Worker at wine booth (와인부스 직원)
    Oh Sang-joon (오상준)
    Ending police chief (엔딩 경찰청장)
    Hwang I-hyeon (황이현)
    Chan-woong's voice (찬웅목소리)
  • Lee Re (이레)
    Lee Re (이레)
    Young Ji-hye - Cameo (지혜아역)
  • Sung Dong-il (성동일)
    Sung Dong-il (성동일)
    Strong team 3 leader - Special appearance (강력3팀 팀장)

Miss and Mrs. Cops | HanCinema Reviews

  • [HanCinema's Film Review] "Miss and Mrs. Cops"

    The opener to "Miss and Mrs. Cops" is filmed like a grainy old kung fu movie. The action befits the cinematographic style. Mi-yeong (played by Ra Mi-ran) is right away shown to be a tough middle-aged broad who wants to bring in crooks peacefully, but will use violence when she gets suitably cranky. By the time we get to the present day, and the more traditionally pretty woman cop Ji-hye (played by Lee Sung-kyung), there's an obvious personality clash between old and new,...More

Miss and Mrs. Cops | News

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Miss and Mrs. Cops | Shopping

Miss and Mrs. Cops | Pictures

  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
  • Miss and Mrs. Cops's picture
    Miss and Mrs. Cops
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Miss and Mrs. Cops | Reviews

Miss and Mrs. Cops | Facts

CJ Entertainment (CJ Entertainment)
 Min So-yeon (민소연)
 Kim Sang-soo (김상수)
 Production department
 Jung Da-won (정다원)
 Ra Mi-ran (라미란)
 Lee Sung-kyung (이성경)
 Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
 Martial arts team
 Lee Soo-min-IV (이수민)
 Martial arts team
 Lee Sang-min-II (이상민)
 Martial arts team
 Kwon Tae-ho (권태호)
 Martial arts team
 Kim Hyeong-joo (김형주)
 Cha Hyun-woo (차현우)
 Management department
Technical Information
107 min 
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2019/05/09
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2019.06.23 :  1 627 526  admissions (total)
As of 2019.06.16 :  1 624 293  admissions (total)
As of 2019.06.09 :  1 623 079  admissions (total)
As of 2019.06.02 :  1 618 628  admissions (total)
As of 2019.05.26 :  1 538 181  admissions (total)
As of 2019.05.19 :  1 227 867  admissions (total)
As of 2019.05.12 :  591 995  admissions (total)

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Miss and Mrs. Cops (걸캅스)

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