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Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty (천하일색 박정금)

천하일색 박정금 (Cheon-ha-il-saek Bak-jeong-geum)

Directed by Lee Hyeong-seon (이형선)

Screenplay by


MBC | Airing dates :

52 episodes - Sat, Sun 19:55
In life, you need to move on and roll with the punches!
Unlike previous detective dramas that cast a young, glamorous female detective as the heroine supported with a flimsy story plot, “Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty” is a story about a middle-aged female detective who is pushy, strong-willed and even shameless at times. And the main story is interwoven with the family problems she faces at home that will resonate with female viewers and give them satisfaction when the heroine turns the tables around on her enemies.

When women grow older, they feel that being a good wife and wise mother is all that is expected from them. But older women want more out of life than that. They crave for love. They wish a romantic man would whisk them off their feet.

With dreams of romance and passionate love, most desperate housewives give up on ever finding true love from another man. But that doesn’t mean they don’t hang on a sliver of hope for something to spark their lives.

As divorces become as common as marriages nowadays, children are the ones who suffer the most when a married couple splits. This story has been come up in order to give hope and encouragement to divorced parents, who, from my experience, often get emotional whenever they talk about their children, with a message that there will be light at the end of the long, dark tunnel as long as they don’t stop loving their children. The working mom is the main character mom who also happens to have the stressful, demanding job of a detective, as the main heroine to show the enormous burden that single moms endure in their daily lives.

The heroine Park Jung-geum holds back her tears to look brave in front of her son who suffered immensely after her divorce from her ex-husband. She also comes around to understanding her parents and reconciles with her dad who she always believed to be the source of all her misery in this touching drama about a family. This drama will center on this family to warm the hearts of viewers.


Park Jung-geum (age: 38 / Detective, high school education) | actress Bae Jong-ok
Starting as a traffic cop, she rose through the ranks to become a detective who handles gang-related crimes
Just go through the motions! Do you want to win a damn medal or what!
I’ve got a kid so I can’t go to any dangerous places!
You should just arrest all the pretty girls in the streets and lock ‘em up!
Park Jung-geum is having another long day at work.
She’s not tackling gangsters to get a good workout. She just wants to arrest the criminals who know no boundaries as they lunge at her with a knife or swing a metal rod at her head …
But she’s not a strong, burly detective. She’s a middle-aged female detective.
She gets beaten up and stabbed at in her line of work. Some days, she’ll walk home with a limp after breaking a leg. When there’s a special sale going for fish, she’ll have to run right out again with a limp to put food on the table. Watching every penny she spends, she has to worry about paying her monthly credit card bills without paying any late fees and come up with the money for her son’s cram schools. Then there are the endless house chores she has to do that include sorting recyclable cans, throwing out leftover food into the food trash bin, doing the dishes, and ironing shirts. On top of that she has to worry about rising housing costs. She attends the weekly apartment cooperative meetings so that she won’t have to pay the $5 fine for missing any of them. She’s a typical lady you’ll see every day when you leave your house in the morning.
She’ll rub her bloodied hands on her jeans to wipe of the blood. After catching a bad guy, she’ll knock her head back and make small talk interspersed with spontaneous laughs. She’s a typical middle-aged woman alright.

Jeon Yong-joon (age: 38 / General Practitioner, Jung-geum’s former elementary school classmate) | actor Son Chang-min
He is not authoritarian or takes himself seriously like most other doctors. Armed with a jolly humor, he’s a compassionate doctor
I’m sorry for being so cool!
When he was a kid in elementary school, he ran around with a runny nose and gave a stench because of his poor hygiene. But he became a doctor and later meets Jung-geum, a childhood friend.
His mother passed away when he was still in elementary school and then his father died when he was in middle school. His older brother Yong-doo protected him from the mean side of the adult world and paid for his college and medical school tuition. So he has a bright personality and grew into a man full of confidence. But his supreme confidence has also given him delusions that all the women in the world like him.
He has a mischievous side and a sex appeal that oozes effortlessly. When he has no patients in the waiting room, he’ll sneak some time looking at his reflection in the mirror and pretend to be Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.
His hobby is riding motorcycles, fly fishing, and other cool things.
His nickname is conceited loaf man, which the nurses came up with because he acts so conceited.

Han Gyeong-soo (age: 36/ Lawyer, Yoo-ra’s fiancé) | actor Kim Min-jong
He has a sad past but he empathizes with the plight of other people He was abandoned by his parents and became an adoptee. His foster parents are respected people in society but they are not warmhearted at all. They never hid the fact that Gyeong-soo was their adopted child and they ingrained into him the teaching that he must watch his manners because an adoptee like him is more apt to receive criticism from others. They urged him to become a contributing member to society. Thanks to their influence, Gyeong-soo became a lawyer with impeccable manners. But for some reason he never felt at home in his foster parent’s house and that left him constantly adrift. He decides to get engaged to Yoo-ra because that is what his foster parents want.
He was taught not to draw scorn from anyone for behaving inappropriately so that is why he appears to be distant and sensitive over quaint matters but in reality, he was born with a compassionate heart. He is not used to being on the receiving end of compassionate acts so he finds it very awkward in those times. He would never hurt anyone intentionally.

Sagong Yoo-ra (age: 36 / Graduated from a two-year college. Majored in clothes design) | actress Han Go-eun
She ran a wedding dress shop once but now she is unemployed I don’t know. I was in love with you then! I love you. I love you. I love you so much! She is the daughter of Lady Sa, who brought her with her when she married Jung-geum’s dad. She cohabitated with all kinds of men and never cared whether they were married or not. Legally she is single. She’ll put on a big scene if she doesn’t get what she wants. She is so blunt to the point where it seems that she is burning bridges down so that none of her ex-boyfriends would ever approach her. She is a lowlife who looks glamorous. Self-centered to a fault, she always acts like she is superior. But although she is full of these personality flaws, no man could resist her advances once they lay their eyes on her exotic beauty. Even the girls grudgingly admit that she is quite beautiful with a nice figure. A femme fatale.... At first she was unwilling to get engaged to Gyeong-soo because she thought he was eager to marry her for her money. But she gradually learns more about him and finds out that he is different from the other men she had dated so far. One day, she becomes desperate for love for the first time in her life.

Episode guide

Episode 1

On Bong-pil’s (actor Park Geun-hyung) birthday, Jung-geum (actress Bae Jong-ok)
goes to her father’s home, clutching gifts with her. Bong-pil had an affair with
Lady Sa (actress Lee Hye-sook), who was the family’s former housekeeper, and divorced
Jung-geum’s mother, Yoon (actress Na Moon-hee). His ex-wife and Jung-geum, who
were both forced to leave the house, despise him.

Lady Sa has a daughter, Yoo-ra (actress Han Go-eun), from a previous marriage.
She invites her daughter’s fiance Gyeong-soo (actor Kim Min-jong), who is a lawyer,
over their house to celebrate her husband’s birthday together. When talk turns
to the wedding dowry of Yoo-ra, Jung-geum boils with anger because she was only
given $5000 from her dad for her dowry while Lady Sa is persuading Bong-pil to
buy an expensive German luxury car and upscale studio in the city for her own
daughter. Lady Sa keeps chatting on, oblivious to the awkward situation that she
is creating. But Yoo-ra expresses little desire to marry Gyeong-soo under such
conditions to make a statement in front of Jung-geum, who is simmering with anger....

Episode 2

Jung-geum (actress Bae Jong-ok) poses as a bar lady to catch a drug dealer in
a nightclub. Wearing an outrageous dress, Jung-geum decides to revel in the
atmosphere and dances like crazy. But when she sees the detectives closing in
on the drug dealer, she stops dancing and starts chasing the dealer...

Meanwhile, Jung-geum and her mother end up living with Yong-joon (actor Son
Chang-min) and Yong-doo (actor Park Jun-gyu) in the same apartment after a con
artist sold the place to both of them.

Episode 3

Yong-joon (actor Son Chang-min) returns home one day, holding a live chicken
that one of his patients gave to him as a gift. He takes the elevator up to
their jointly shared apartment with Jung-geum (actress Bae Jong-ok) and suggests
that they eat the chicken together. But Yoon (actress Na Moon-hee) and Yong-doo
(actor Park Jun-gyu) have problems in killing the chicken and they create a
big scene.

Meanwhile, Gyeong-soo (actor Kim Min-jong) pulls up next to Yoo-ra (actress
Han Go-eun) in his motorcycle and takes her out for a drive. Gyeong-soo gently
persuades Yoo-ra to just say what she feels but she acts cynical and insincere.

Episode 4

Yoon (actress Na Moon-hee) treats Yong-joon (actor Son Chang-min) kindly unlike
the way she treats Yong-doo (actor Park Jun-gyu). Jung-geum (actress Bae Jong-ok)
accuses her mom of being infatuated with doctors so Yoon tells her that if Yoo-ra
(actress Han Go-eun) can marry a lawyer then why can’t Jung-geum marry a doctor?

Meanwhile, Jung-geum meets Gyeong-soo (actor Kim Min-jong) and tells him how
she caught her husband cheating on her so she got a divorce and then lost her
son Ji-hoon in the street... Gyeong-soo then tells him about his past....

Episode 5

When Jung-geum (actress Bae Jong-ok) uses violence against a man to uphold justice,
that man files a complaint to the police and Jung-geum reluctantly offers her
apologies. But when the man yells at her that he’ll treat her just the way she
treated him, he arouses Jung-geum’s anger. Jung-geum finally loses her temper,
defiantly throws down her badge and grabs the man around the collar with the intent
of beating him up.

Meanwhile, Gyeong-soo (actor Kim Min-jong) overhears a telephone conversation
that Yoo-ra (actress Han Go-eun) has with her mother, Lady Sa (actress Lee Hye-sook),
and discovers Yoo-ra’s true feelings. He embraces her.

Episode 6

When Gyeong-soo (actor Kim Min-jong) learns that Jung-geum (actress Bae Jong-ok)
was injured, he immediately goes to the hospital to see if she is alright. Jung-geum
is touched by the caring heart of Gyeong-soo.

Meanwhile, when Yong-joon (actor Son Chang-min) treats Jung-geum’s injuries,
he learns that Jung-geum was an old friend of his from his elementary school
days. Both of them get excited after learning this fact.

Episode 7

To catch a gang of pickpockets, Jung-geum (actress Bae Jong-ok) goes undercover
and passes by her son Ji-hoon (actor Baek Jong-min), who was working on the
streets by promoting a nightclub. Both of them do not recognize each other.
Meanwhile Yoo-ra (actress Han Go-eun) drops hints to Jung-geum on the whereabouts
of her lost son, Ji-hoon...

Episode 8

Just when Yoo-ra was about to tell Jung-geum where she could find her lost son,
Ji-hoon, Bong-pil calls and tells Yoo-ra that Lady Sa left behind a note and
disappeared. Yoo-ra doesn’t finish her conversation with Jung-geum and goes
straight home.

After dwelling on whether to do the right thing, Yoo-ra finally decides to call
the police and leave an anonymous tip on the whereabouts of Ji-hoon. When Jung-geum
hears about this, she goes straight to Yoo-ra.

Episode 9

Gyeong-soo sympathizes with Jung-geum when she fruitlessly searches for her lost
son, Ji-hoon and proposes to her. Gyeong-soo confesses to Yoo-ra that he is in
love with Jung-geum just days away from their engagement ceremony. This creates
problems between him and Yoo-ra...

Meanwhile, Jung-geum is preoccupied with catching a gang operating a Ponzi scheme
and is flabbergasted at Gyeong-soo’s proposal. She ends up telling him that she’d
like to just be friends.

Episode 10

Jung-geum and Yoo-ra fight over Gyeong-soo. Yoo-ra attacks Jung-geum first and
Jung-geum takes a swipe back at her and brings up the bad blood they had between
them in the past. Lady Sa meets with Gyeong-soo’s mother and speaks about her
worries that their children’s engagement ceremony could be cancelled due to
a certain problem. Lady Min calls Gyeong-soo and scolds him for putting the
engagement in jeopardy. Lady Sa is convinced that Jung-geum is stealing Gyeong-soo
from her daughter and tells her husband Bong-pil about this. Yoo-ra and Jung-geum
are called home by Bong-pil and...

Episode 11

Bong-pil comes down hard on Jung-geum, warning her not to interfere with Yoo-ra’s
engagement to Gyeong-soo. Lady Sa gets involved and warns Jung-geum not to derail
mess her daughter’s marriage. Lady Min also visits Jung-geum and gives her a
final warning. With her mind full of complicated thoughts, Jung-geum goes out
to a crime scene and due to her lapse of judgment, her partner gets hurt. Jung-geum
introduces Yong-joon as her boyfriend to Gyeong-soo and suffers a heartache
over lying to him...

Episode 12

Gyeong-soo and Yoo-ra hold their engagement ceremony at last but when Yoo-ra
sees that Gyeong-soo cannot help but obey his foster parent’s wishes that he
marry her, she gets mad at his reluctant attitude. Yoo-ra tells Gyeong-soo that
she stole Jung-geum’s husband and therefore, she thinks that Jung-geum is trying
to steal Gyeong-soo from her out of revenge. Gyeong-soo is deeply disappointed
in Yoo-ra and feels compassion and sadness for Jung-geum when he sees her deliberately
avoiding him.

Episode 13

Gyeong-soo’s parents and Yoo-ra’s parents go ahead with the engagement ceremony.
On the day of the engagement, everyone is present except for Gyeong-soo. Everyone
waits for Gyeong-soo to appear but he doesn’t show up.

After not showing up at his own engagement ceremony, Gyeong-soo takes a long
drive and thinks about Jung-geum. Lady Sa meets with Jung-geum’s mother Yoon
and asks her to stop Jung-geum from messing up her daughter’s marriage.

Yoon refuses to help her and tells Lady Sa that she supports her daughter’s
plans to move to America with Gyeong-soo.

Episode 14

When Gyeong-soo professes his love for her and proposes again, Jung-geum decides
to go live with him in America because her mother and son are supportive of
her decision... Lady Sa and Bong-pil become aware of Jung-geum’s decision and
try to come up with ideas to thwart her.

Episode 15

Gyeong-soo and Yoo-ra are stuck in a loveless marriage and tensions between
them keep growing. Gyeong-soo finds it hard to forget Jung-geum. Jung-geum becomes
friends with Yong-joon but she feels threatened by Da-hye, a medical school
friend of Yong-joon’s. Meanwhile, Ji-hoon stops picking pockets and pretends
to be a college student...

Episode 16

Yoo-ra and Gyeong-soo’s marriage steadily worsens by the day while Jung-geum
becomes jealous of Dae-hye who is Yong-joon medical school friend. Ji-hoon falls
in love with Min-ji, a college student, but he hesitates to reveal to her that
he is not really a college student.

Episode 17

Yong-joon compares Da-hye, a young pretty friend from medical school, with Jung-geum
and riles her up but she doesn’t see that Yong-joon actually likes her and not
Da-hye. Yoo-ra and Gyeong-soo keep fighting whenever they’re together.

At a dinner with some friends, Gyeong-soo and Yoo-ra have another big fight.
When Min-ji learns that Ji-hoon is not a college student, Ji-hoon finds it hard
to deal with his heartbreak.

Episode 18

Jung-geum gets into a fight with Bong-pil over the burial spot for her mother.
Lady Sa tells Jung-geum and Bong-pil that since she’s Bong-pi’s current wife,
it will be her who will rest in peace next time. Bong-chun and Yong-doo enjoy
a date an amusement park and recite poems. They become much closer. While Yoo-ra
and Gyeong-soo stay on bad terms, she comes down with morning sickness...

Episode 19

Yoo-ra is pregnant but she gets mad when Gyeong-soo doesn’t show any interest
in the news. Gyeong-soo talks back at Yoo-ra but he tells her that he wants
to make their marriage work and the mood changes for the better. Yong-joon is
berated by his brother Yong-doo when he asks him about his opinion of him marrying

Episode 20

Jung-geum meets Gyeong-soo again due to a case of a runaway that she is handling.
While Jung-geum asks Gyeong-soo if there is a way to save the runaway girl from
going to prison, they conceal their feelings for each other and act normal...
Meanwhile, Gyeong-soo tries to get along with Yoo-ra who has changed after getting

Episode 21

When Jung-geum is talking to Gyeong-soo at his office about the murder case
of Mi-ae, Yoo-ra enters the room to deliver a lunch bag and sees them together.
Yoo-ra gets furious and Gyeong-soo tries his best to explain the situation but
eventually a chill settles down in their marriage. Jung-geum feels frustrated
that the situation got out of hand and tries to explain herself to Yoo-ra...

Episode 22

Yoo-ra and Gyeong-soo’s marriage suffers irreparable damage, and this causes
Lady Sa to have a big fight with Yoo-ra. Lady Sa scolds Yoo-ra for not doing
a good job of keeping an eye on her husband.. While Jung-geum is handling the
case involving Mi-ae’s murder, Jung-geum announces that she will not obey her
dad Bong-pil, making Yoo-ra feel desperate Ji-hoon commits a crime under pressure
from his gang and breaks his mother’s heart.

Episode 23

In a pregnant state, Yoo-ra gets hysterical over the issue of Gyeong-soo and
Jung-geum and is hospitalized. Bong-pil finds out about the secret deal that
Lady Sa struck with Byeong-pil. Jung-geum tells Yong-joon about how she felt
when she was reunited with Gyeong-soo and Yong-joon finds the talk to be depressing
for him. Yong-joon invites his brother to join him while he is with Da-hye...

Episode 24

Yong-doo leaves a note to Yong-joon telling him not to worry about him and then
disappears. Jung-geum comforts Yong-joon who is deeply pained by his brother’s
absence. Meanwhile, Yoo-ra glares at Jung-geum when they meet but Jung-geum
looks back at her with pity and sadness.

Episode 25

Ji-hoon calls Jung-geum to tell her about the bribery case, but someone appears
and stops him. Jung-geum gets curious after the phone goes dead...

Meanwhile, Sae-hoon looks for Yoon after he returns from school. Jung-geum enters
the room and is surprised when she discovers that her mother had been sleeping
for such a long time.

Episode 26

Jung-geum is devastated at the sudden death of her mother and when Bong-pil
hears about his ex-wife’s death he becomes visibly shaken. After the funeral,
Jung-geum returns home and holds a framed photo of her mother in her arms and
cries uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Yong-joon hears about it from Detective Choi and tries to help Jung-geum
but he is unable to comfort her. While talking with Gyeong-soo, Yoo-ra badmouths

Episode 27

Byeong-pal tells Lady Sa that Ji-hoon is aware that Jung-geum is his mother
and Ji-hoon decides to engage in a dangerous fight to prove Jung-geum’s innocence.

Meanwhile, Yoo-ra tells Gyeong-soo that she wants a divorce...

Episode 28

Jung-geum becomes curious about Ji-hoon due to his odd behavior. Lady Sa asks
Jung-geum to prevent Yoo-ra from getting a divorce.

Meanwhile, Yong-joon meets with Gyeong-soo and tells him that is thinking about
proposing marriage to Jung-geum soon.

Episode 29

While Jung-geum is rinsing the rice under tap water, Yong-joon asks her to marry
him in an upbeat and matter-of-factly way. Jung-geum is bothered by Ji-hoon
and tells Yong-joon that he’s being silly.

Meanwhile, Ji-hoon seeks refuge with Min-ji after evading Jung-geum and the

Episode 30

Gwang-soon bursts out in tears when he sees Ji-hoon being taken into custody
by the prosecutors while Jung-guem tries not to look at Ji-hoon. But Jung-geum
notices Ji-hoon looking at her.

Meanwhile, Yoo-ra searchs fro Ji-hoon and is shocked to find out that Jung-geum
locked up Ji-hoon.

Episode 31

Jung-geum wails after she feels guilty for capturing her own son Ji-hoon and
putting him behind bars. Jung-geum goes to see Ji-hoon at prison and tells him
how happy to see that he is alive but Ji-hoon tells her to forget that he ever

Meanwhile, Yong-joon asks Jung-geum when they should hold their wedding but
when he sees Jung-geum hesitating, he tells her to take more time to think about

Episode 32

Bong-pil tells Jung-geum not to worry about money and promises to do anything
he can for Ji-hoon, at which Lady Sa erupts in anger. Bong-pil meets with Gwang-soon
and tells her that he is Ji-hoon’s grandfather.

Meanwhile, Gyeong-soo gets crestfallen when he hears that Jung-geum will marry
Yong-joon after her son Ji-hoon is released from prison.

Episode 33

Bong-pil is dying to meet Ji-hoon and begs Gwang-soon to let him meet her. However, Jung-geum tells Gwang-soon that this is not the right time.

Meanwhile, Gwang-soon arranges to meet Bong-pil and invites Jung-geum out, too. However, Jung-geum doesn’t tell Gwang-soon that she is Ji-hoon’s biological mother, in order to keep her promise to Ji-hoon.

Episode 34

Ji-hoon and Gyeong-soo meet one last time, and Ji-hoon ends up telling Gyeong-soo his inner thoughts. Gyeong-soo does his best to represent Ji-hoon in court, but Ji-hoon ends up being imprisoned.

Episode 35

Ji-hoon is released from prison, and Jung-geum goes to Bong-pil’s house with her son. Lady Sa creates an uncomfortable situation by asking Ji-hoon what it was like in prison. Ji-hoon can’t take the pressure and decides to leave early. Jung-geum, who never had her chance to be a mother to him, continues to apologize to Ji-hoon. She takes Ji-hoon to dinner with Yong-joon, and even Gyeong-soo, who represented Ji-hoon in the court, is invited. Lady Sa once again creates an uncomfortable situation.

Episode 36

Ji-hoon and Sae-hoon share some brotherly love as they spend some time together at a nightclub. The father-to-be Yong-joon also joins them for the exciting time. Ji-hoon and Jung-geum start the path of making peace as mother and son. When Ji-hoon sees that Gwang-soon, who raised him, feels somewhat bittersweet about him making peace with Jeong-geum, he bursts into tears. Bong-pil tells Ji-hoon that a building will be built under his name, while Lady Sa is cooking up a cunning strategy.

Episode 37

During the family dinner to congratulate the future wedding of Jung-geum and Yong-joon, his brother Yong-doo pretends to be drunk and calls out for Jung-geum’s mother, who is Bong-pil’s first wife. Lady Sa, who was the reason Bong-pil divorced his first wife, is visibly uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, Jung-geum hears about Byung-pal from Ji-hoon. Jung-geum grows suspicious as she goes to meet Byung-pal.

Episode 38

Jung-geum meets Byung-pal and asks why he never spoke about Ji-hoon. Cornered by her words, Byung-pal seeks an exit from the meeting. Jung-geum grows more suspicious of Lady Sa, while Sung-ho visits the beauty parlor that Ji-hoon is working at.

Episode 39

After hearing numerous questions from Jung-geum, Yoo-ra shakes with nervousness and claims that she knows nothing. Jung-geum continues to glare at Yoo-ra with stern eyes.

Meanwhile, a group of thugs visit Ji-hoon’s workplace, while threatening them with knives.

Episode 40

Lady Sa, who looks extremely upset, lies to Bong-pil and tells him that she’s been swindled in a real estate scam. She claims that she was swindled out of the land that was supposed to be given to Ji-hoon. Jung-geum yells at her to leave, while Lady Sa is surprised by the coldness of Bong-pil’s reaction.

Episode 41

Jung-geum sheds tears in misery and asks that her years with Ji-hoon be given back to her. Meanwhile, Ji-hoon tells her not to be so upset. He tells her that he’s happy to have two mothers who would both give up their lives for him.

Episode 42

By using Gwang-soon, the thugs try to get to Ji-hoon. Gwang-soon tells the thugs to never return, while Ji-hoon begs them not to attack his mother.

Episode 43

The detectives put all their resources into apprehending Ji-hoon in order to use
him to put Sung-ho’s gang behind bars. Jung-geum dives in front of her son, Ji-hoon,
and takes a bullet to save his life. She is determined to do anything she can
to build a give her son Ji-hoon, a brighter future.

Episode 44

Jung-geum goes to a massage parlor to teach Sung-ho a lesson but she is surrounded
by his gang and just as they get ready to pummel her, Gyeong-soo and Ji-hoon
come to rescue her. But Gyeong-soo is stabbed with a knife when he tries to
save Jung-geum.

Episode 45

Gyeong-soo’s life is in danger from the deep knife wound he sustained while
trying to save Jung-geum. When Yong-joon sees how Jung-geum is deeply concerned
about Gyeong-soo, he tells her that he will step aside if that is what she wants.
Ji-hoon tracks down Sung-ho by himself and he helps the police capture him.

Episode 46

Jung-geum arrests Sung-ho at last. Jung-geum’s family rejoices when they hear
about Sung-ho’s arrest. Ji-hoon goes to the hair salon with Min-ji again. Gwang-soon
returned home while Ji-hoon was away. Yong-joon meets with Gyeong-soo and tells
him to marry Jung-geum. After meeting Gyeong-soo, Yong-joon tells Ji-hoon and
Sae-hoon what he told Gyeong-soo but the boys tell him that their mother will
find happiness by marrying Yong-joon and not Gyeong-soo...

Episode 47

Jung-geum doesn’t attend a party that Yong-joon organized for her and neither
does Gyeong-soo. But Gyeong-soo writes a letter to Jung-geum.

After meeting with Gyeong-soo, Lady Sa calls Jung-geum and asks her to forgive
her and Yoo-ra for what they did to her. Lady Sa writes a will and then commits
suicide afterwards...

Episode 48

At Lady Sa’s 49th day of mourning, Jung-geum and Yoo-ra have a heart-to-heart
talk. Yoo-ra opens her heart to the family while Jung-geum displays her affection
for Yong-joon.

Episode 49

After enduring many ups and downs in life, Jung-geum and Yong-joon finally get
married. As they leave for their honeymoon, Jung-geum gets an urgent call from
work and she gets off the limo to catch a criminal before hopping on the plane
just before it takes off.

Yong-doo, Ji-hoon, and Sae-hoon move into Bong-pil’s home. After Yong-joon and
Jung-geum return from their honeymoon, they settle down in their new home. Gwang-soon
is filled with emptiness after Ji-hoon left to live with his mother. Meanwhile,
Ji-hoon gets nervous that Min-ji’s parents do not approve of him as their future

Episode 50

Ji-hoon gets crestfallen after Min-ji’s mom strongly disapproves of him as someone
fit to date her daughter. Min-ji feels that Ji-hoon made a mistake by not speaking
up for himself in front of her parents and blames it on him. Ji-hoon despairs
about his criminal record. Gwang-soon and Jung-geum feel sad when they see Ji-hoon
grappling with his problems...

Episode 51

Ji-hoon talks with Yong-joon and asks him how he can start preparing for the
SAT exam.

Offering encouragement, Yong-joon tells him not to set his goals too high while
he should concentrate on the SAT-prep courses...

Episode 52

Ji-hoon and Yong-doo apply themselves to their studies and it makes Jung-geum
proud to see her son trying to build a better future for himself.

While at the airport, Jung-geum sees Gyeong-soo holding hands with another woman
by coincidence and it brings a smile to her face...



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    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
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    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
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    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
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    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
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    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
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    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
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    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
  • Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty's picture
    Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty
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 Lee Eun-gyoo (이은규)
 Production department
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60 min HD 16/9
Web site
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Airing dates : 2008/02/02~2008/08/03

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Park Jung-geum, Heavenly Beauty (천하일색 박정금)