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  • Korean dramas starting today 2017/03/04 in Korea

    2017/03/04, Source
    Korean dramas starting today 2017/03/04 in Korea "You're Too Much" and "Father is Strange",...More
  • [Video] Updated cast and added highlight video for the upcoming Korean drama "You're Too Much"

    2017/02/28, Source
    Updated cast and added highlight video for the upcoming Korean drama "You're Too Much",...More
  • [Video + Photos] Added new second teaser video and posters for the Korean drama 'You're Too Much'

    2017/02/22, Source
    Added new second teaser video and posters for the upcoming Korean drama "You're Too Much",...More
  • [Video] First teaser video released for the Korean drama 'You're Too Much'

    2017/02/15, Source
    First teaser video released for the upcoming Korean drama "You're Too Much",...More
  • MBC Drama Awards 2015 Winners

    MBC Drama Awards 2015 winners list,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 40 Final

    Almost the entire dramatic thrust of this episode is on the resolution of the relationship between Deok-in and Yoon-seo. And you know, it's really cheating to just have that relationship improve over the course of a timeskip. We never actually got to see these two get closer, so why is this resolution supposed to have any serious impact? Why did all the interesting material get shunted into a part of the story that we never actually got to see?,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 39

    In the final stretch of "Make a Woman Cry", writer Ha Cheong-ok has decided to pretend like Eun-soo hasn't been the entire focus of the drama for about as long as I can remember. The cliffhanger is resolved just a tad too easily and with a tad too much easy forgiveness. Then practically out of nowhere Deok-in and Jin-woo start acting like the main characters again, having extended heartfelt conversations about loss, forgiveness, and being able to move on with life,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 38

    Deok-in solves the mystery of what really happened with the death- well, technically the cops solve it but they do convey through Deok-in their genuine appreciation for Eun-soo giving the tip that ultimately allowed them to crack the case. The look on Eun-soo's face throughout that exchange really is priceless. Apparently it's never occurred to her that a good deed can be its own reward. Eun-soo didn't get the result she was expecting, so instead of doom and destruction all that happens is reconciliation,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 37

    Eun-soo attempts to regain...whatever it is she thinks she lost by making a rather curious revelation to Deok-in. What Eun-soo fails to understand, as usual, is that most people think in terms beyond immediate personal gain and satisfaction. The accusations Eun-soo makes are enormously serious ones. It's difficult to imagine that Eun-soo would make up a lie so elaborate unless she had some kind of proof- but then, Eun-soo has told blatant lies before,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 36

    Eun-soo's temper tantrum shows no sign of abating. Well, she is finally forced to stop being petty and selfish briefly, when one character finally manages to come up with a threat serious enough to force Eun-soo to cooperate on the question of Jin-han's wife instead of being constantly selfish. I'm tempted to call the theatrics over-the-top and unrealistic- the problem is, I've known people in real life like Eun-soo. Heck, in my worst moments, I've acted like Eun-soo myself. That's not an easy fact to acknowledge, but it's senseless to pretend like we're all rational actors in the real world,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 35

    The story has long since moved past tensionless social battles. The last cliffhanger featured Jin-han losing his temper and making direct threats. And the cliffhanger here is even more pronounced. Eun-soo has finally managed to anger enough people severely enough that they're willing to respond with force instead of just letting her insult them for another day. The fact that Eun-soo has a defendable angle no longer matters. Eun-soo has been too deceptive and manipulative at this point for anyone to believe anything she says anymore,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 34

    Jin-han has clearly recovered some of his memories. It's not totally clear which ones or how many. But what we do know is that this recovery was prompted by Eun-soo's blatant attempt at emotional manipulation. Eun-soo has frequently demonstrated intelligence, but she appears either unwilling or unable to process the significance of this. Jin-han isn't rejecting his family because of his current wife. He's rejecting his family because they consider Eun-soo to be his de facto wife, and Jin-han is completely unwilling to tolerate Eun-soo's presence,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 33

    Eun-soo is at it once again with her terrible and blatant emotional manipulation. But the blowback ends up being more immediate than anticipated. Hyeon-seo has always been a thoughtful, considerate young man, and meeting his father answers a lot of questions. Namely, why Hyeon-seo is thoughtful and considerate when everyone else in his family is so mean. Jin-han is thoughtful and considerate too. He doesn't go for all or nothing. Which is why for all Eun-soo's outrage, Hyeon-seo really is satisfied with just a heartfelt hug,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 32

    As expected, the cliffhanger simply ends in another lack of confrontation with Jin-han. Don't worry- by the end of the episode serious progress is finally made to actually integrate the Jin-han character with everything else that's happening in the story. I just can't help but be a little annoyed at this point at the extent to which Jin-han doesn't really participate in a story that's pretty much all about him. Particularly since this plot point revolves around the rich family's business decisions,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 31

    The story is still just about completely centered around Jin-han- although we're still not that much closer to his actually participating. From Deok-in, we do get an explanation that indicates her icy attitude toward Eun-soo wasn't just a function of the latter woman's terrible personality. There's an excellent logistical reason why Eun-soo shouldn't be the one to confront Jin-han, at least not in the immediate sense. And also Jin-woo is working at the company now,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 30

    Technically speaking I think Hong-ran is supposed to be the bad guy right now. She knows where Jin-han is, and is withholding this information from the rest of her family out of sheer spite. There's just one problem- Eun-soo has proven herself to be a substantially more unlikable person. It's actually pretty enjoyable just watching Eun-soo squirm, because this isn't a problem she can't solve through browbeating and threats. Not like that ever solved any problems in the first place, mind you,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 29

    Jin-han (played by Choi Jong-hwan) is the long-lost eldest brother of the Choi family, and the not-exactly-husband of Eun-soo. He's gotten amnesia and now lives a humble existence selling street food with his wife. Strictly speaking "Make a Woman Cry" hasn't actually confirmed that this person is Jin-han, but he's currently listed as such on MBC's official website. And besides, given how much of the conflict lately has been about Jin-han, it would be pretty ridiculous if the snack guy wasn't actually Jin-han after all,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 28

    I really don't think we need any more exposition on how Eun-soo is a genuinely terrible person. "Make a Woman Cry" is overdoing it at this point. It's not just making her look evil but also kind of socially retarded. Deok-in didn't accept the proposal from Tae-hwan when he was acting nice about it, so why in the world would she accept it from Eun-soo in full-on bitch mode? Eun-soo's back-up plan is equally terrible, and predictably falls apart completely by the end of the episode,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 27

    The conflict takes on the fairly traditional trappings of money versus remorse this episode. To some extent I think Deok-in is bein unfair to Tae-hwan. Obviously it's a somewhat insulting gesture to try to make up for the death of someone's son by giving them money, but what else is Tae-hwan supposed to do? The guy's not exactly overflowing with fatherly warmth and affection. Expressing sympathy through financial gifts is probably the best way Tae-hwan knows how to articulate himself,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 26

    Last episode's cliffhanger promised a lot of tears- and that's exactly what we get here. Deok-in has a complete breakdown. She loses interest in everything- her social position, her relationships, all of them become absolutely meaningless in light of the new information Deok-in now has about her son's death. There's nothing for the other characters to do except look on awkwardly in silence,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 25

    Eun-soo's attempts at playing detective have at this point completely torpedoed any hope of her character being seen as sympathetic. I kind of want to see something terrible happen to her son, because short of that, it really doesn't seem like there's anything else that could make Eun-soo realize that taunting a woman about her dead child is only a few hairs short of outrageous cartoonish evil,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 24

    Eun-soo has this really bad habit of using a threatening tone of voice even when she's not actually trying to act threatening. The weird part is that it quickly becomes clear that Eun-soo doesn't actually know anything about what's going on with Jin-woo. She just seems to be gossiping with Deok-in for no apparent reason, except to try and hurt Deok-in emotionally. So that character, at least, remains mostly unsympathetic,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 23

    It's all well and good for Jin-woo to say that he'll love and support Deok-in no matter what- but at this point "Make a Woman Cry" is forcing the issue of how they have very different perspectives on relationships and trauma. Jin-woo is unwilling to acknowledge that his previous marriage was a failure, on account of the fact that it didn't end in divorce. Whereas Deok-in takes death much more seriously, and realizes that even the best intent can't salvage an awful overall situation,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 22

    Deok-in's attempt to get a clear explanation of Jin-woo's behavior doesn't go that well. Part of the issue is just that Jin-woo doesn't want to tell her what's really going on, so he simply tells Deok-in about his emotional state instead. This isn't really much more helpful- just because Jin-woo wants to see her even though he doesn't actually want to see her just means...what exactly?,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 21

    What makes the action scenes in "Make a Woman Cry" feel odd is that, first and foremost, this is a family drama. It's been over a dozen episodes since Deok-in has ever fought anyone. It's one of the odder parts of her background as a cop. In a more conventional story this stuff would show up all the time. But purporting as it does to be at least partially be a representation of real family life, "Make a Woman Cry" has to show much more restraint in this department,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 20

    The rich family conflict between Jin-myeong and Hong-ran finally comes to a head. Their differences have become so irreconcilable that divorce would appear to be inevitable. The irony of the situation is rather obvious- all this time we've had families arguing over divorce and whether or not this should be the proper basis for long term decisions. And yet here, Hong-ran is treated like the bad guy because...well, as far as I can tell because she's not a blood relative,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 19

    Jin-woo isn't at all sure how to deal with the information he learned from his son. In the immediate sense all Jin-woo really knows is that he has to continue making a sincere emotional effort to help Deok-in out, because this new information doesn't change the basics of their emotional bond. Deok-in is a woman who's always trying very hard to do the right thing, and not always succeeding. Particularly when it comes to Kyeong-cheol,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 18

    Kyeong-cheol comes off surprisingly sympathetically considering that he's basically a whiny child. The confrontation at the rich family's house doesn't go the way he was hoping, and when given the chance, Kyeong-cheol unwinds by literally having a temper tantrum. Watching Kyeong-cheol is kind of like watching a kid who has just been told that life isn't fair, after having been told point blank that the authority figures are going to do things in a hypocritical way,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 17

    After establishing that the last cliffhanger was for real, "Make a Woman Cry" quickly takes the focus off of the rich family and gets back to the more interesting character/situation- Deok-in and her birth mother meeting up with Deok-in's in-laws. It's a situation that slowly moves from awkward to just plain painful. On a basic level Deok-in just can't relate to her birth mother. And her birth mother, too, really doesn't appreciate that this is Deok-in's actual family she's condescending to,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 16

    The greater theme this episode is well-meaning lies. Surprisingly enough this is actually well-integrated into all three spotlighted storylines. I can't tell whether this was intentional or just a coincidence, but mostly I'm just relieved that the rich family storyline has been given some much needed comparative context. It turns out all the characters are likely to sink or swim together on these problems,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 15

    Deok-in's struggle with her birth mother continues. It's a bit of a heartbreaking situation, because "Make a Woman Cry" is delving into the reality of what these reunions usually mean for people. There's no magical moment of understanding- just this lingering sense of regret that this was how life turned out because for whatever reason, a mother was not able to be a mother. Even though Deok-in and her mother are mostly on the same page in the ambiguity department, that doesn't make their meetings any less awkward,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 14

    In a bit of a fakeout, Deok-in doesn't confront her mother right away. Instead, she retreats to Jin-woo, admitting that there's some things she can't handle. And Jin-woo wristwatch. I can't tell whether that was supposed to be weirdly clunky product placement or whether director Kim Geun-hong just needed to include some kind of visual clue that Jin-woo the school teacher comes from a wealthy family. I'm inclined toward the former explanation personally,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 13

    It's another episode mostly focused on the rich family. I didn't dislike this one as much as usual, though. I'm not really sure it's because I actually care about what the rich family is doing so much as it is I'm just used enough to their antics by now that there's not much apparent point to complaining. I do somewhat empathize with Hyeon-seo, who's stubbornly taken sick mainly because his mom's such a jerk,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 12

    Kyeong-cheol has many flaws, but the worst of them has to be that the guy's just not that smart. Last cliffhanger he "discovered" that Deok-in was having an affair with Jin-woo. A more farsighted person might have realized that Deok-in finding a boyfriend is a good thing. It makes Deok-in less likely to try to cling to the marriage. Which, consequently, would make it easier for Kyeong-cheol to get a divorce and finally marry Jin-hee. So how does Kyeong-cheol use this information?,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 11

    This episode opens up with another dumb rich person argument...of course. Well, they're not all dumb. I find I'm liking the Eun-soo / Hyeon-seo conflict. A well-to-do mother wanting to keep her son from getting involved with some woman without a pedigree, that much I can easily understand. Eun-soo no doubt has an inferiority complex about marrying into wealth. But there's just something awfully petty about Eun-soo trying to keep Hyeon-seo from hanging around Kyeong-tae. You pay no mind to that boy, he's from a lower economic class,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 10

    The general ambiguity of Jin-hee's character is played up a lot here. As has been noted multiple times now, her request is a reasonable one. Deok-in and Kyeong-cheol don't have a marriage anymore, and both of them know it. The problem is that Jin-hee is a total jerk. Deok-in is totally correct when she points out that Jin-hee can't expect people to just give her whatever she wants because she apologizes. Deok-in is also correct in noting that Jin-hee's immaturity will almost certainly prove a major barrier in any kind of marriage, and that she's not properly anticipating how hard marriage will be,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 9

    ...And once more, it's back to the rich family. There's something terribly frustrating about a drama that insists on only being interesting half the time. The main issue is that most of these people just come off like jerks. Which isn't necessarily bad. Deok-in is definitely a pushy, bossy jerk. But she never comes off that badly because we can see the emotional heart underlying Deok-in's motivation. That's mostly gone any time the action shifts to the big house,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 8

    Unfortunately the focus shifts ever so slightly to the rich family again. I'm really not interested in their petty, destructive arguments. There's just no sense of urgency. At best, we're just looking at a bunch of petty, emotional jerks be petty, emotional jerks to each other. On a basic level none of these people are really all that sympathetic. Bear in mind that to some extent most of the characters in this drama are at least somewhat unsympathetic- the humanity comes in trying to unravel their personal situation,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 7

    The cliffhanger ends up going rather anticlimatically. There's no larger discussion this episode regarding bullying or proper filial piety. It's just kind of a weird opening gag about how sometimes punches go wrong and then it's time for everyone to go scooting off. Beyond that one punch, by the way, this episode is mostly a pretty nonviolent one. At least from Deok-in's end. She's had a stressful enough time lately to not be going around looking for trouble,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 6

    One of the more interesting parts of the relationship between Deok-in and Jin-woo is that she's the heroic figure who gets stuff done, where as he's the dork who has to ask for help. So the ending of the last episode, as we see here, was a bit of a shock to Deok-in. No one ever comes to rescue her. The fact that Jin-woo isn't very good at helping out is really sort of besides the point. It's been awhile since anyone ever actually tried to help Deok-in tangibly,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 5

    This episode is the one where the title really hits an accurate mark. While Deok-in might be a hard-boiled ex-detective who's good in a fight, ultimately, we constantly see that all she really wants to do is cry. It's not something Deok-in can do with her husband's family, because to a large extent they expect Deok-in to just be a pillar of support. It is something that she can do with Jin-woo, mostly because he happens to be there when she breaks down,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 4

    So, Kyeong-cheol (played by In Gyo-jin) is Deok-in's estranged husband. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that he's estranged from his entire family. Deok-in still lives with her relatives by marriage, while Kyeong-cheol has been hanging out with the rich family. Deok-in's new girlfriend, Jin-hee (played by Hann E-seo), is pushing for marriage- a task made inconvenient by the fact that Kyeong-cheol's family refuses to acknowledge that the marriage is over, on account of the fact that they really like Deok-in. And also Jin-hee is Jin-woo's brother,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 3

    The formulaic nature of "Make a Woman Cry" puzzles me. It's mostly because this isn't really a genre combination that makes a whole lot of sense. The ex-cop who solves crimes by beating the living snot out every single low-life in punching range is the kind of trope I expect to see in a hard-boiled action movie. Somehow I was expecting Deok-in's investigation to involve more actual investigating and less excessive violence,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 2

    I really like the way that Kim Jung-eun manages her fight scenes. They just look so...casual. Deok-in doesn't resort to any especially outrageous theatrics. She just hits her opponents hard as quickly as possible. Although admittedly there are a few moments there where it looks like Deok-in was dodging hits more out of luck than skill. There's just something terribly appealing about an older woman with a harsh tongue and no patience for nonsense punching her way out of trouble,...More
  • [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Make a Woman Cry" Episode 1

    Deok-in (played by Kim Jung-eun) is an ex-cop who runs a snack shop next to the local school. Jin-woo (played by Song Chang-eui) is a math teacher who does his best to keep his students in line. Together, they fight bullying. Well, eventually. They don't actually know each other as the drama opens- a fact Deok-in takes memorable advantage of in one scene to teach those kids a lesson in plausible deniability,...More
  • Korean dramas starting today 2015/04/18 in Korea

    2015/04/18, Source
    Korean dramas starting today 2015/04/18 in Korea "Divorce Lawyer in Love" and "Make a Woman Cry",...More
  • [Video] Added new teaser video, posters, and stills for the Korean drama 'Make a Woman Cry'

    2015/04/13, Source
    Added new teaser video, posters, and stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Make a Woman Cry",...More
  • [Video] Added first teaser video for the Korean drama 'Make a Woman Cry'

    2015/04/06, Source
    Added first teaser video for the upcoming Korean drama "Make a Woman Cry",...More
  • Song Chang-eui to star in "Make a Woman Cry" with Kim Jung-eun

    2015/02/24, Source
       Actor Song Chang-eui is starring in the new MBC weekend drama "Make a Woman Cry". This is his first MBC drama in 3 years and 8 months. Song Chang-eui takes on the role of high school teacher Jin-woo. His son blames him for his mother's suicide after she was forcefully married but the son himself kills a bully victim,...More
  • Ha Hee-ra to star in "Make a Woman Cry"

    2015/02/23, Source
       Actress Ha Hee-ra is coming back with a new MBC weekend drama called "Make a Woman Cry". She is going to take on the role of Eun-soo,...More
  • Upcoming Korean drama "Make a Woman Cry"

    2015/02/06, Source
    Added the upcoming Korean drama "Make a Woman Cry"'s page to HanCinema database,...More
  • Kim Jung-eun returns to MBC in 7 years as the lead for drama 'Make a Woman Cry'

    2015/02/02, Source
    Kim Jung-eun has been cast as the female lead for MBC's new weekend drama, "Make a Woman Cry" (working title), which will be her comeback project to MBC in 7 years. On February 3rd, her agency confirmed she was cast for the MBC weekend drama, "Make a Woman Cry",...More
  • [Video] Added Teaser Trailers released for the Korean drama "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/04/07, Source
    Added Teaser Trailer released for the Korean drama "Gold, Appear!",...More
  • Korean dramas starting today 2013/04/06 in Korea

    2013/04/06, Source
    Korean drama starting today 2013/04/06 in Korea "Gold, Appear!",...More
  • Baek Jin-hee cast for "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/03/24, Source
    Actress Baek Jin-hee has been cast for the upcoming MBC drama, "Gold, Appear!". Baek Jin-hee takes on the role of Mong-hyeon, younger sister to Mong-hee (Han Ji-hye),...More
  • Choi Myung-gil to come back with "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/03/24, Source
    Actress Choi Myung-gil is starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Gold, Appear!". This is the first time in a year and three months that she's coming back with a KBS drama. Choi takes on the role of Yoon Sim-deok who started as staff in the jewel store she's currently managing in. She's an ordinary housewife who's seen so much jewelry most of her life but has no fancy ring of her own,...More
  • Kim Hyung-jun in "Gold, Appear!" as Han Ji-hye's brother

    2013/03/21, Source
  • Updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/03/20, Source
    Updated cast for the upcoming Korean drama "Gold, Appear!",...More
  • Lee Tae-sung in "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/03/20, Source
    Lee Tae-sung is starring in the upcoming MBC weekend drama, "Gold, Appear!". The role of Park Hyeon-joon is played by Lee Tae-sung -- a character who has led a good life without failing his family even once. He is loved by his father more than his eldest brother. His wife Seong-eun is the top jewel designer who gives him a lot of support,...More
  • Choi Ji-woo to come back with MBC's "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/03/04, Source
    Actress Choi Ji-woo breaking her 2 year silence. It seems like she is the likely figure to play the lead role in the upcoming MBC weekend drama, "Gold, Appear!",...More
  • Lee Jong-hyuk not to star in "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/02/18, Source
    According to several sources in the media, actor Lee Jong-hyuk won't be starring in the upcoming drama "Gold, Appear!",...More
  • Lee Ji-ah and Lee Jong-hyuk in "Gold, Appear!"

    2013/01/30, Source
    Actress Lee Ji-ah and actor Lee Jong-hyuk have been cast for "Gold, Appear!". This drama is a follow up of the current one called, "Rascal Sons". However, the initial writer for the scripts Ha Cheong-ok has moved to another project, leaving this drama hanging,...More
  • Upcoming Korean drama "Gold, Appear!"

    2012/06/29, Source
    Added the upcoming Korean drama "Gold, Appear!"'s page to HanCinema database,...More
  • Korean drama starting today 2011/09/09 in Korea

    2011/09/09, Source
    Korean drama starting today 2011/09/09 in Korea "Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 9",...More
  • Added trailer, sytills and updated for the upcoming Korean drama "Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 9"

    2011/09/09, Source
    Added trailer, sytills and updated for the upcoming Korean drama "Rude Miss Young-Ae Season 9",...More
  • Korean drama starting today 2010/11/15 in Korea

    2010/11/15, Source
      Korean drama starting today in Korea "Pumpkin Flower",...More
  • Updated cast and pictures for the upcoming Korean drama "Pumpkin Flower"

    2010/11/04, Source
    Updated cast and pictures for the upcoming Korean drama "Pumpkin Flower",...More