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Korean Movie Opening Today 2022/08/11 in Korea

Korean movie opening today 2022/08/11 in Korea: "No Surprise" (2021)


Directed by Shin Sun

With Lee Taek-geun, Ha Seong-guk, Park Bong-joon, Baek Soo-hee, Hwang Mi-young, Park Jun-young,...

Three friends, who majored in filmmaking in college together, decide to meet at a restaurant they used to frequent in front of their school. However, one of them doesn?t show up, while another friend, who happens to see the others, decides to join instead. There clearly is the air of discomfort around them, though. What happened to them in the past? What is going to happen to them from now on? Tonight, the shabby restaurant and the alley around it turn to a black hole. Certain things from the past, present, and future are sucked into the night of these friends. The film tackles a weighty topic with good performances, unexpected twists, thoughtful conversations, and emotional intensity. JUNG Hanseok

26th Busan International Film Festival

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