Korean Dramas Starting Today 2021/11/19

Korean dramas starting today 2021/11/19: "Hellbound" and "Drama Special 2021 - A Moment of Romance"


"Hellbound" (2021)

Directed by Yeon Sang-ho

Written by Choi Kyu-sok, Yeon Sang-ho

With Yoo Ah-in, Park Jung-min, Kim Hyun-joo, Won Jin-ah, Yang Ik-june, Kim Do-yoon-I,...

6 episodes
Based on director Yeon Sang-ho's original webtoon of the same name, "Hellbound" is about humans facing a supernatural phenomenon that is neither a miracle nor a curse. To live through this unrealistic reality, these humans create hell.

"Drama Special 2021 - A Moment of Romance" (2021)

Directed by Goo Sung-joon

Written by Kim Mi-kyung-II

Network: KBS

With Shin Ye-eun, Kang Tae-oh, Hong Kyung, Ha Yoon-kyung,...

1 episode - Fri 23:25
Part of the "Drama Special" series
A story about Oh Jin, a middle school health teacher who decides to part ways after realizing that she is not being considered in a relationship, although she vows not to live like her mother who has been lonely all her life, and Cha Min-jae, a man with all the specifications that no one envies and does not know how to receive or give love.

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