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Kang Young-seok to Join "Shall We Kiss First"

Actor Kang Young-seok is starring in the new SBS drama "Shall We Kiss First".


The actor takes on the role of Min Woo-sik and expectations are high for this actor as he performed well in last year's "Revolutionary Love".

"Shall We Kiss First" is a melodrama about adults who are in fact immature when it comes to love.

Kang Young-seok's role of Min Woo-suk is the new art director in an ad company with a knack for what he does. He is a smart and cold city guy who has the looks as well as the skills. He seemingly lives the perfect life.

Min Woo-sik doesn't like the 'elderly who lecture young people' and wants to live a different life from others.

Kang Young-seok says he's honored to be in a drama with great seniors and appreciates the opportunity.

Meanwhile, "Shall We Kiss First" begins on the 5th of February.

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