Jo Han-joon-I Awarded for Putting Out Fire

Actor Jo Han-joon-I received the 'Commendation for Fire Suppression Merit'.


On the 16th of last month, Jo Han-joon-I ran to the scene of an accident when he witnessed a car alarm go off and smoke coming out from a vehicle while taking a walk near the horse racing park. Jo Han-joon-I, who saw a spark popping under the vehicle, reported it to 119 and kept the driver of the car distanced from it.

Since then, Jo Han-joon-I brought a fire extinguisher installed in the horse racing park to extinguish the fire, and brought another fire extinguisher to protect the site until firefighters came to prevent damage.

The situation ended without much damage due to Jo Han-joon-I's quick judgment and calm response, and Gwacheon Fire Station selected him as a meritorious person and awarded him a citation in recognition of his achievements in fighting the fire.

Jo Han-joon-I said, "I instinctively jumped into the building because I thought that there might be a fire extinguisher", adding, "I'm rather grateful that it didn't lead to much damage".

Jo Han-joon-I, who has a variety of talents such as unique masks and acting skills, martial arts, acrobatic, creative acting, and modern dance, appeared in the dramas "The Guest - Drama", "A Good Supper", "Kingdom" the movies "Rampant", "Svaha: The Sixth Finger" and "Start-Up". Recently, he announced his appearance in the original TVING series "Ransom".

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