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[Ishani's Picks] Top 10 Super Rookie Korean Actors Who Are Brimming With Talent And Potential

The Korean entertainment industry is a powerhouse of talent where stars are born. As such, there's never a dearth of new artists who stand before this world with dreams in their eyes and faith in themselves, to show everyone what they're made of. Here are my picks for the top 10 super rookie Korean actors who are surely going places!


Jung Ho-yeon

While it would be a disservice to call an internationally acclaimed award-winning actress a rookie, Jung Ho-yeon is only getting started. With "Squid Game" as her acting debut, I cannot imagine what other masterpieces she could have in store for us next.



Singer-songwriter, idol, actor and icon, Jisoo from BLACKPINK is truly a role model to millions. Her performance in "Snowdrop" was not only technically flawless but also emotionally evocative and moving. Actress Jisoo is coming for the crown!

Choi Hyun-wook

From a bully in "Taxi Driver" to a high school badminton player in "Racket Boys" and now a 90s lover boy in "Twenty Five Twenty One", Choi Hyun-wook has truly showcased range and versatility like no other. I cannot wait for his next drama and hopefully, he'll be leading it!


Cho Yi-hyun

The global breakout star of Netflix's high-school zombie apocalypse thriller "All of Us Are Dead", Cho Yi-hyun has the world swooning over her, and for good reason! There is such power in Cho Yi-hyun's acting that she draws you in and keeps you hooked. Now, that's what you call a master at their craft.

Shim Dal-gi

Shim Dal-gi is no newcomer in the industry but 2021-2022 has been one of the brightest times of her acting career so far. With the actress taking on complex and multifaceted roles fearlessly, her talent is shining brighter than ever. Shim Dal-gi's performance in "Shadow Beauty" and "Juvenile Justice", in particular, was simply stunning.

Choo Young-woo

Quickly emerging as a rising star, Choo Young-woo is well on his way to becoming a highly sought-after leading actor. His expressiveness and ability to portray the slightest of emotions with nuance is what makes him so appealing.

Lee Yeon

Coming to the forefront of stardom and critical appreciation with "Juvenile Justice", Lee Yeon proved her prowess as an actress with the character Baek  Seong-woo, a 13-year-old male juvenile offender. There can only be one word to describe such an artist: brilliant.

Lee Tae-vin

Lee Tae-vin is one of those actors who always leave you wanting more. You just can't get enough of his charm! From the makjang "The Penthouse" to the space thriller "Delivery", Lee Tae-vin is always trying something new and unique, which is what makes him so impressive.

Baek Sung-chul

Baek Sung-chul has a knack for acting with such conviction that rather than embodying his characters, he becomes them, endearing them even more to viewers. What's even better is that one can imagine him in any sort of role, whether that be of a high school boy in a romantic comedy or a hacker in an action movie, which speaks volumes of his talent.

Kim Min-gi-I

Kim Min-gi-I is one of the most memorable actors of the new generation who adds his own unique touch to every role he takes on. His comedic timing, in particular, is truly remarkable. No matter what character he plays, he is always the scene-stealer on screen.

By Ishani Sarkar

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