4 episodes, 6 episodes break the frame

A variety of dramas are being released lately. Many dramas were made up of 16 to 20 episodes for export but recently more dramas have been made in 4 and 6 episodes.


First of all, "Naked Fireman" is a 4-part drama from KBS. This drama is about Kang Cheol-soo (Lee Joon-hyuk) who becomes a nude model from being a passionate fireman and Han Jin-ah (Jung In-sun) who is cold and suspicious. They repeatedly fool each other but search for the arsonist of an accident that occurred 10 years ago. The second and third episodes of the drama were broadcast continuously on the 18th and the final episode is on the 19th. This is an evolved version of short dramas as a resolution to the claim that gateways for rookie writers and directors have disappeared along with the disappearance of short dramas. "Baek-hee is Back" and "Babysitter" are two good examples of short dramas that were successful and didn't seem to exist to 'stand-in'.

Recently various dramas have been actively in production as combination of TV and drama. MBC is coming out with a 6 part drama called "Three Color Fantasy" on the 26th. This pre-production is a mini drama in which three directors display their own color. Two episodes per week will be broadcast for 9 weeks. Exo's Suho is starring in "Three Color Fantasy - The Stars In Space" which is about a Death Angel and Woo-joo, a star from the World of the Dead. "Three Color Fantasy - Vivid Romance" is about the daily and active life in a 'goshi-town'. "Three Color Fantasy - Queen of the Ring" is a comical fantasy drama about Nan-hee (Kim Seul-gi) who is given a goldren ring with a secret. This one is co-produced by Naver and MBC and was pre-released on Naver. KBS recently broadcasted "The Sound of Your Heart", a 5 part drama.

These various attempts are to try and save ground-wave stations that are in a crisis. Usually dramas are created in 16 or 20 episodes to reach breaking point but the Internet these days allows for experimental dramas and this will continue in Korea as much as it's needed.