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'X1' Kim Woo-seok-II in "Twenty-Twenty"

Group X1 Kim Woo-seok-II returns with a lead role in a drama.


The production team of Playlist's "A-TEEN", chose Kim Woo-seok-II as the leading character for "Twenty-Twenty".

"Twenty-Twenty" depicts the story of a newly twenty-year-old who experiences freedom and responsibility on the way to find his dreams. Kim Woo-seok-II takes on the role of Hyeon-jin, who just became independent from his family home.

PD Han Soo-ji from "A-TEEN", which became a sensation in the world of webdramas, is in charge of the drama. 2018 drama "A-TEEN" was about the age of eighteen, while the 2019 drama "A-TEEN 2" was about the age of nineteen. Now "Twenty-Twenty" is about the just beginning twenties.

Kim Woo-seok-II is a member of X1, who hinted a solo act early this year. He's been active as a commercial model and in other areas. He's extended to K-Pop, advertisement and now drama.

"Twenty-Twenty" starts filming in April.

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